I remember when I was very young, maybe four or five years old, making dinosaurs out of modeling clay. I’ve always needed some kind of creative outlet. I was fascinated with the immediacy of drawing and showing the other kids in my class, yet making things out of clay really seemed to make things come to life. There was something magical about bringing a thought into the world that we live in. That was the mystery, of bringing an idea to life were you can share your thoughts in a visual dimension and then let your creation speak for itself.

I have concentrated on the mug, a vessel of humanity, because it is tactile and can become very personal. It is something that you use frequently, if not daily, and that you hold, caress, look at, and one of the few items you bring to your lips. I like to create mechanical objects and give them some sort of human quality. Being able to express some emotion, mood, or thought in my works is important to me, and I find clay to be a great medium to express these ideas. When people see that in my artwork, I have been successful.

Producing the cylinder is just the vehicle which to unleash creativity and embellish the character and personality of the piece. I really spend a lot of time studying and creating the handle in relation to the hand and the holder — its one day owner.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my work and take away some sense that inanimate objects can have a human personality of expression that speaks to us. We do select things as to how they make us feel and build our little personal sanctuaries.

I have returned to my artistic endeavors. Don’t take me too seriously, but there are moments . . .

Tim Stambaugh


On the professional level, I am a BFA graduate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Illinois, with a dual major in Ceramics and Advertising/Graphic Design.

I have been the Art Director and owner of Designland – Graphic Design Studio for the past 23 years and an Art Director for Southwestern Bell Telephone for 11 years previously. I have provided quality, award winning designs, dedication, commitment and great care for my clients, and also to the people who comprise their valued teams.

As a creative thinker and problem solver, I not only find a creative solution, but also try to explore and suggest multiple approaches, offering an opportunity for the best possible results. One of my main strengths comes from my creative and design expertise and real world experience of producing a broad variety of communications projects including print, digital publications, advertising, logos, identity and branding, offset print, brochures and other collateral materials, web projects, presentations and more.

I have ensured compliance and implementation of graphic standards for major institutions and Fortune 500 corporations and will ensure that your graphic standards are followed in all projects and kept current. I have overseen and art directed thousands of projects and provided creative direction to editors, programmers, photographers, illustrators, outside graphic designers and other communications vendors, printers and suppliers.

My qualifications and skill sets have met or exceed their requirements. My clients have included global, national, and regional companies such as AT&T, MasterCard Global, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to smaller community businesses and organizations.